Get your team on the same page with client management – Trovve merges it all into your daily grind

With Trovve, your team shares a unified contact list, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Your client details, tasks, projects, and documents — all in one neat place, right within your daily workflow.

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Managing relationships and client info has never been easier!

Track essential info like email, name, job title, and phone numbers to create contacts effortlessly. Link them to companies they work in, or add new ones as you grow. Whether it’s a fresh lead or a valued customer, easily categorize them to align with your sales or work process.

Each contact gets its own neat folder in SharePoint or OneDrive, automatically! Use it to store key information like contracts and proposals, ensuring they’re accessible by everyone on your team, simplifying and unifying your contact organization.

And those meeting contacts? Bring them into Trovve without a hitch. Our ‘fast add’ feature means no more tedious typing – just a smooth transfer from your Outlook meeting to your contact list. Plus, with our Outlook integration, your Trovve and Outlook contacts stay perfectly in sync.

Effortless contact management at your fingertips with Trovve

Experience a streamlined view of your contacts, neatly organized in a tile format that puts all key information, like names, categories, and tags, right at your fingertips. Plus, a handy counter keeps you updated on the total number of contacts.

Moreover, your team can easily multitask with our split screen mode. Keep their contact list and ‘My Day’ tasks side by side, ensuring they never miss a beat.

Task management? A breeze. Add tasks related to your contacts in a snap, creating a seamless link between projects, tasks and client records for a complete overview of each interaction. Schedule your follow-ups or send emails straight from the list view, all without needing to open each contact.

Our Pin and Unpin feature is a game changer, letting you prioritize contacts with ease. And when it comes to finding the right contact, our advanced filtering and sorting options have you covered. Switch views between individual contacts and company overviews effortlessly.

Make managing contact info a walk in the park for your team

Trovve weaves client management into your team’s workflow – making every detail readily accessible and easy to manage. Discover a comprehensive view of each contact right within your workflow - not hidden in a CRM.

About icon
You’ll get comprehensive personal details – from multiple email addresses and phone numbers to physical addresses and birthdays. Organizational accountability is at your fingertips with explicit ownership and unique account numbers.
Task icon
Your central command for all tasks linked to a contact, organized for clarity and easy tracking. Upcoming tasks are highlighted, so you’re always one step ahead.
Notes icon
Every interaction is recorded, timestamped, and ready for quick reference, ensuring you never miss a beat in your communications.
Emails icon
Offers a focused view of your email correspondence, integrated seamlessly with Outlook for a fluid workflow.
Files icon
A treasure trove of all documents related to the contact, neatly organized in their dedicated OneDrive or SharePoint folder, created automatically by Trovve.
Privacy Setting icon
Go public for team-wide visibility, keep it private for just you and the admins, or choose ‘Sensitive’ to restrict access to individual notes and interactions. You’re in control, ensuring confidentiality and discretion at every step.
About icon
From ownership details to the industry they’re rocking, it’s all there. Need an address or a tax ID? It’s just a click away.
People icon
Picture it as your personal directory, listing everyone who’s anyone in the company, complete with their roles and contact info. It’s your go-to for navigating company hierarchies like a pro.
Notes icon
A central spot for all those crucial company conversations and interactions. Think of it as a collective diary, where every interaction with individual contacts is pooled together for a complete story.
Files icon
Your centralized spot for all company-specific documents. Whether it’s contracts or meeting notes, they’re all organized under the company’s dedicated space in OneDrive or SharePoint. It’s like having a well-organized filing cabinet, but digital and way more convenient.

Let’s say goodbye to hunting
for client info in dusty CRMs!

Start your journey towards better client engagement today and experience the power of having all your client information, projects, tasks, and documents — seamlessly integrated within your current workflow

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