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Task creation made
breezy - Where precision meets simplicity

With Trovve, setting up a task is a breeze. Name it, assign it to your team with clear visibility on their availability, and set those start and due dates with just a few clicks. We make your task management less about the hustle and more about straightforward, stress-free productivity.

Coordination becomes seamless when you can see who’s in and who’s out at a glance, making sure tasks are assigned to those ready to roll. Plus, linking tasks to projects or contacts is just as easy. Whether it’s a critical follow-up or a standard task, your workflow remains organized and efficient, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Get ready to turn task setup from a chore into a simple step that powers your day.

See it all, miss nothing:
Your tasks in Full view

Our Task Views bring a panoramic perspective to your workflow, letting you switch from the macro to the micro with a click. Navigate seamlessly between the birds-eye view of your projects and the granular details of associated contacts. Craft checklists with AI precision or a personal touch, and enrich each task with documents that are just a drag-and-drop away.

Files fall into place, categorized for clarity and retrieved with ease. And as you tick off checklist items, watch your progress chart its own course, keeping you updated and on-track. With our Activity Log, every action is accounted for, ensuring you’re always in the loop and ahead of the game.

Say goodbye to toggling between tabs and tools — your projects, contacts, and documents now live in a unified space.

Keep your tasks on track -
Seamless control, effortless

With Trovve, completing tasks is satisfyingly simple: check them off, track your progress visually, and shift priorities as your day unfolds. With the ability to highlight what’s important, reschedule, or tweak your task list on the go, you’re always prepared for the unexpected.

Our intuitive system lets you effortlessly loop in team members with comments, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. And with instant notifications through email or MS Teams, everyone stays informed and aligned with the task’s progress.

From modifying tasks with ease to keeping all communications in one place, Trovve is designed to keep your workflow fluid and your focus sharp. Here, every action is a step towards more organized, efficient task management.

Stay alert, stay ahead: Never
miss a beat with our alerts

Trovve’s got your back with instant alerts that keep you on top of everything – tasks, meetings, comments, you name it. Whether it’s a heads-up from your app, an email rundown of your day, or a nudge from your Teams bot, you’ll always know what’s on your plate.

Start your morning with a blueprint of your day delivered right to your inbox or Teams. Task coming your way? You’ll be the first to know, with all the deets to get cracking straight from your notifications. Comments fly fast, but with our real-time alerts, you’re part of the convo from the get-go.

Got meetings? Our alerts are like your personal assistant, bringing the who, what, and when to your fingertips. And as your day winds down, we’ll remind you to wrap things up and check out smoothly. Even taking breaks becomes a breeze with our gentle reminders.

In-app alerts? They’re not just alerts; they’re your productivity compass. From bold new tasks to subtle indicators for updates, you’ll navigate your to-dos like a boss. And don’t sweat the small stuff – our ‘mark all as read’ feature keeps your alert history neat and tidy.

Say goodbye to file chaos -
Never lose a file in the shuffle again

With Trovve, OneDrive is your quick-access pocket for all things files. Dive into your recent files, organized by last accessed dates, or glide through your day by adding files as tasks with direct links that spring open right from your task list.

Need to create a new document or upload files? Do it all without ever leaving Trovve. Decide where they live in OneDrive or SharePoint and who gets a peek, right then and there. Keep your go-to files and folders on speed-dial with shortcuts, pins, and quick adds to your day, so they’re ready when you are.

And for the OneNote aficionados, all your recently tweaked notebooks are visible, pinnable, and linkable to tasks, making sure your notes and tasks are in harmony.

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From scattered to streamlined, your task
list never looked so good

Say hello to hassle-free task handling.
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