Now, It's Simpler to Team Up and
Do Great Things Together!

Trovve makes organizing tasks easier, so your team can get things done quicker. And it works perfectly with Microsoft 365.

Whether you’re working on something for a client or building something amazing. Trovve helps you plan, do, and keep an eye on work easily, all while making sure everyone is working together well. 

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Tired of feeling like everything's a mess
and too complicated? Let's fix that.

When you’re in charge of a team, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Organizing your daily tasks and keeping an eye on what everyone is doing can be overwhelming.   

Still trying to decide whether to use Planner or To-dos for handing out tasks? Confused about where to store your project files – SharePoint or OneDrive? Looking for an easy way to share a big list of contacts with your team?   

Don’t know when Ava will be in, or why Mark hasn’t sent his daily report yet? And with everyone doing things their own way, how can you make sure everything, and everyone stays aligned?   

We get it; we’ve been there too, and it’s exactly why we made Trovve.

Trovve turns the chaos into order by putting all your work stuff in one, easy-to-find place. From the planning stage to crossing the finish line, we keep everything organized and easy to follow. This means your team can easily see what they need to do, find what they’re looking for, and work together more smoothly.    

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Why do people pick Trovve for their work?

Everything in one place

Think of Trovve as your big toolbox for work. Whether you’re working on a project, need to find files easily, or want to work better with your team, Trovve puts it all in one spot. This makes your work simpler and helps you get more done

Easy to start using

Trovve is super user-friendly. It’s designed to make it easy for you and your team to start using it right away, without messing up the way you already work. This means you can get on board fast and keep your projects moving smoothly.

Works perfectly with Microsoft 365

Trovve and Microsoft 365 fit together like puzzle pieces. It means all your work stuff—like projects, people you talk to, documents, and files—works better together, making your workday flow smoothly.

Full support for Microsoft 365

We’re here to help you rock Microsoft 365. With Trovve, you get all the help and learning you need to make the most of these tools. It’s like having a guide to help you and your team be even more awesome at what you do.

Get exactly what you need with Trovve
no extra fluff.

Trovve gives you a toolkit with all the tools you need to make work easier. Imagine having one place where you can keep track of all your clients, find your files in a snap, see everything that’s happening with your projects, work smoothly with your team, and organize your day to get more done.   

Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and feeling lost in your work with Trovve. It brings all your important tools together in one easy spot, connecting perfectly with your Microsoft 365, to make your workdays smoother and simpler. No more flipping back and forth between apps, losing important bits of info, and wondering where your files disappeared to. 

With Trovve, working becomes clearer and less messy, so you and your team can shine at what you do. 

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We asked our customers,“How do you
feel about us?”
Here's what they shared!

Our company was growing quickly and we really needed to get our operations in order. That's when Trovve stepped in. With their help, we not only streamlined our processes but also saw an impressive 50% growth after implementing their solutions.
Christine-Amélie Roberge
Vice President / Co-Founder La2eClasse
Trovve transformed our complex RFP process into a seamless and efficient operation. Their expertise brought simplicity and smoothness to our workflow, significantly enhancing our productivity.
James Roberts
Senior Director of IT American Essential Hospitals
As an accountant with a lot on my plate, I was searching for an all-in-one system to manage my clients, tasks, and workflows, all while integrating smoothly with my existing Microsoft 365 setup. Discovering Trovve was a game-changer, making everything so much more manageable.
Victor Aldin
Founder Aldin & Associates Accounting
Trovve seamlessly transitioned us from remote servers to a streamlined, cloud-based organization, simplifying our daily workflow and transforming the way we handle our file.
Dai Matsuura
Chief Admin Officer The Language group
Trovve revolutionized our small business by taking us digital, streamlining processes, and unifying our team.
Serena Castelda
CEO Founder Thinkblot Behavioral Sciences

Make everything work together
effortlessly with Trovve

Trovve instantly connects with all your Microsoft 365 apps — it’s super simple, no extra work needed. Plus, you can add any other apps you use to Trovve with Microsoft Power Automate. It lets you set up automated systems without needing to know coding, so you can handle simple tasks like saying hi to new clients or giving out tasks to team members automatically.

With the power of AI, Trovve makes these automated systems even smarter so they can handle complex tasks on their own, freeing you and your team to focus on stuff that helps your business grow.  

Ready to make working together easier
than ever before?

Discover a better way to handle tasks, all while using Microsoft 365. Trovve brings your team together, making planning, doing, and keeping track of work a breeze, so you finish everything on time and do it really well.  

Why put it off? Hit the button below to see how it works! 

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