Simplify Your Workflow -
Boost Team Productivity and Alignment.

Trovve is a productivity tool that simplifies task-based work, helping your team move faster with seamless Microsoft 365 integration. Whether you’re working on projects for clients or managing your internal operations, it supports you in planning, executing, and tracking work effortlessly while maintaining team oversight and coordination.

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Drowning in disorganization?
It’s time to leave the chaos behind

Juggling tasks, meetings, projects, and team coordination can feel like a Herculean task — especially when you want to get more done without increasing your headcount. We’ve been there, and we understand the pressure. That’s why Trovve was born.

With Trovve, your entire work universe is on one accessible, organized platform. Every detail—from planning to execution—is tracked and neatly arranged, ensuring your team knows exactly where to look and what to focus on.

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Why companies choose Trovve ?

The all-in-one platform:

Trovve is your centralized hub for everything work-related. From task management to team communication, it’s all under one roof, simplifying your day-to-day operations and boosting overall productivity.

Simple adoption:

Ease of use is at the heart of Trovve. Its intuitive design ensures a smooth transition with minimal downtime, allowing your teams to adopt it quickly without disrupting their existing workflow.

Seamless Microsoft 365 integration:

Experience flawless integration with Microsoft 365. Trovve brings your emails, calendars, and files together into a unified, harmonious workflow, streamlining how you manage information and collaborate across the platform.

Comprehensive Microsoft 365 support:

We’ve got you covered with Microsoft 365 support and training, ensuring your team gets the very best out of our powerful tool. With Trovve, you’re not just getting a tool; you’re getting a partner in productivity, equipped to guide and enhance your Microsoft 365 experience.

Just what you need, nothing you don’t —
Trovve’s suite of solutions

Trovve brings you a comprehensive yet focused set of tools: Client Management for streamlined client interactions, File Management for organized and accessible documents, Project Management for big-picture oversight, Team Management for harmonious collaboration, and Workday Planner for optimizing daily tasks.

Say goodbye to app overload and scattered workflows. Trovve consolidates your essential tools into one cohesive platform, seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft 365 environment, making workdays more productive and less perplexing. No more app-hopping, mislaid details, and the “where did that file go?” question.

It’s about doing more with less—less hassle, less clutter, more clarity, and more results.

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We asked our customers “What do you
think about us?”
Here’s what they had to say!

Trovve transformed our complex RFP process into a seamless and efficient operation. Their expertise brought simplicity and smoothness to our workflow, significantly enhancing our productivity.
James Roberts
Senior Director of IT American Essential Hospitals
As an accountant with a lot on my plate, I was searching for an all-in-one system to manage my clients, tasks, and workflows, all while integrating smoothly with my existing Microsoft 365 setup. Discovering Trovve was a game-changer, making everything so much more manageable.
Victor Aldin
Founder Aldin & Associates Accounting
Trovve seamlessly transitioned us from remote servers to a streamlined, cloud-based organization, simplifying our daily workflow and transforming the way we handle our file.
Dai Matsuura
Chief Admin Officer The Language group

Supercharge your workflow -
Trovve unites all your tools in one workspace

Trovve syncs with all your Microsoft 365 apps right away — no setup needed. Tie all your tools together with our Power Automate integration. It’s your shortcut to building workflows for everything from onboarding new clients to handing out tasks. Then let automation and a bit of AI smarts do the heavy lifting.

Ready to boost your team’s
productivity like never before?

Embrace a stress-free task management experience integrated with Microsoft 365. Trovve unites your team, streamlining planning, doing, and tracking for on-time, top-notch results. Why wait? Click the button below to book a demo.

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