Who said managing projects has to be hard? Trovve’s here to make your life a whole lot easier

Juggling multiple projects? Step into an intuitive space where creating, organizing, and monitoring every detail becomes a breeze. Keep your team aligned, deadlines in check, and success in sight – all within the familiar environment of your Microsoft tools.

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Project creation — From first thought to well-laid plan, we’ve got you covered

Enter project details

Embarking on a new project? Start by naming your project and setting those start and end dates. And don’t worry about missing deadlines – Trovve’s got your back with visual reminders for overdue projects.

Privacy? You control it. Toggle your project’s visibility to keep things private or go public for team-wide access. And here’s a nifty trick – turn on AI Task Suggestions, and voila, you’ve got yourself a list of suggested tasks, saving you the brainstorming time.

Team collaboration is key, so easily select your project managers and team members – Trovve notifies the right people at the right time. Don’t forget to add a project description – it helps everyone stay on the same page and fuels our AI to suggest even more relevant tasks.

Link your clients

Linking your project to a client or customer? Trovve makes it as straightforward as it gets.

Simply select the company involved in your project. But here’s where it gets even smarter – you can assign specific roles to individuals from that company.

Need someone to approve those vital change requests? Or perhaps someone else to handle the invoicing? Just specify their roles within the project. This way, everyone knows their responsibilities, and your project flows without any hitches.

It’s all about making those client interactions as smooth and clear-cut as possible.

Choose file storage location

Trovve lets you set up a default storage location in OneDrive or SharePoint.

So, whether you’re creating new documents or uploading files, Trovve streamlines the process – no need to repeatedly select locations whenever you create or add files to tasks associated with this project. Everything is neatly categorized and accessible right under the project name.

Even better, if your project’s tied to a customer, Trovve suggests the best storage location, but you’re always free to tweak it.


Got a project formula that works? Trovve’s here to help you clone it and keep the ball rolling

Got a project that hit all the right notes and want to replicate its magic? With Trovve, it’s a breeze. You can easily clone a project, keeping what worked and tweaking as needed.

Start by duplicating the project – the name, start date, and due date are all adjustable to fit your new timeline. Want to keep the same winning team? Just switch on team customization and see all your previous project’s managers and members. You can keep the crew as is, or mix it up by adding or removing members.

Plus, you can choose the project details you want to copy. From project sections and labels to files and links, even the file storage location – it’s all in your control. And yes, you can change the storage location if needed.

And for the tasks? Copy over everything from task descriptions to checklists, even the task-specific files and links. It’s all about giving you a head start on your next project while keeping the essence of what made your last project a hit.

Turn your project management Into a breeze – Every detail, just one glance away!

We’ve got all your project details neatly laid out in a tile list format – it’s like having a bird’s-eye view of your entire project landscape.

Each project stands out with its name, progress indicators in color codes, and associated client details – all at a glance. Overdue projects? They’re flagged in red to keep you alert.

Pin your key projects for easy access, or mark inactive ones to streamline your list, ensuring your workspace stays organized. Switching views between active, inactive, or all projects is a snap, complete with count for each category.

Multi-tasking? You can open your project list right next to your ‘My Day’ list in a nifty slider panel, or focus with a full-screen grid view.

Quick search and handy filters for clients, dates, and project managers make finding what you need a breeze.

Task management just got a whole lot easier - Every detail is right where you need it

Organize tasks effortlessly with our expandable sections, and keep them sorted with custom tags. You can also drag and drop tasks across categories for optimal organization.

Create tasks directly within your projects, and they’ll automatically include all relevant project information – like files, folders, and associated client details – ensuring assignees have everything they need without the hassle of retyping. Stay on top of things with views for unfinished, completed, and all tasks – each with handy counts.

Quickly find what you need with task filters and keyword search, and maximize productivity with our split-screen view, balancing ‘My Day’ and project tasks effortlessly. Bulk actions on tasks? They’re just a few clicks away, saving you time and keeping you efficient.

Reporting made effortless and insightful with Trovve

Gone are the days of manual, time-consuming report creation. Now, you can download your project details straight to Excel, complete with comprehensive info like task status, assignees, clients, and key dates.

But why stop there? Trovve’s AI steps in to craft summary reports perfect for internal reviews or sharing with clients.

Need to tweak these AI-generated reports? Easily convert them into Word documents and send them off to clients with just a few clicks

Moreover, with our Power BI connector, you can dive deep into your project data to create detailed, visually stunning reports.

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Dive into the ease of creating projects, managing tasks, and generating insightful reports, all within your familiar Microsoft ecosystem. Begin your transformation today and see how Trovve can revolutionize the way you handle projects!

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