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Imagine being able to see what everyone on your team is doing without having to guess. That’s exactly what Trovve’s Status Hub helps you do. Think of it like having a superpower that makes sure your team works well together. Each person has their own “work card” that shows if they’re working, taking a break, or done for the day. Plus, there’s this neat status ring—green means they’re working, orange for break time, and grey when they’re done for the day. It’s a quick way to see what’s going on. 

You won’t just know who’s doing what; you’ll also see how much progress they’ve made, when meetings are happening, and lots more. And if you need to know who’s available or figure things out across different time zones, it’s easy to search, filter, and adjust. 

Trovve’s Status Hub makes sure your team stays in sync, no one misses anything important, and keeps everyone connected, whether they’re just next door or all over the world. 

Monitor teamwork without micromanaging

Trovve Work Cards are your secret weapon for keeping track of what everyone on your team is doing every day. Whether it’s the tasks they’re tackling, the meetings they’re attending, or how much they’re getting done, these cards make everything clear and easy to manage. And the best part? They’re organized in four different ways to help you see exactly what you need.

My Day  – This is like a daily snapshot for each team member. You can see what tasks and meetings they have planned for the day. It’s super handy because you can also see when someone finishes a task or if it’s passed on to someone else. This helps you understand who’s doing what and if meetings are eating up too much time.

Work Queue  – Think of this as the big picture of everyone’s tasks, sorted by date. It shows you who’s got room for more work and who’s swamped. If a task is running late, you’ll know right away, so you can chat about it before it becomes a big deal. Plus, you can quickly assign new tasks and see how they fit into someone’s schedule, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Reports  – This one’s just for the managers. It gives you a sneak peek into how everyone’s doing with cool graphs of their work over the last 14 days. You can see at a glance who’s knocking it out of the park and if someone’s workday could be going better. End-of-day reports are also here, making it easy to catch up on what’s been happening.

Meetings  – Here’s where you find out about all the upcoming meetings, plus vacations and holidays. It means no more surprises when someone’s not there because they’re off or stuck in another meeting.

Get to know your team like never before and schedule like a pro with Trovve

With Trovve’s User Profiles, every piece of essential team info is just a click away. With a simple tap on a teammate’s photo, you’ve got everything from their job title to their work schedule right at your fingertips. It’s like having a personal cheat sheet for the entire team!

Need to fire off a quick message or email? Trovve’s got you covered. Direct links to Microsoft Teams and email mean you’re always just one step away from the conversation without ever leaving Trovve.

And when it comes to scheduling those all-important team sessions, knowing everyone’s work hours and locations makes finding the perfect meeting time a breeze, not a brain teaser.

But it’s not just about making plans. It’s about understanding your team on a deeper level. Who’s the go-to for what, who’s been around the block and who’s fresh on the scene – Trovve’s User Profiles lay it all out. Trovve’s here to make your management job feel a whole lot less like, well, a job.

Planning Board - Your team’s new best friend for organizing and visualizing tasks like never before

With a dedicated week view, our board lays out the entire team’s workload, making it easy to spot and distribute tasks evenly. Navigate through weeks with ease, switch views for the best perspective, and enjoy a clutter-free overview by hiding members without tasks. Each weekday is neatly laid out with Day Cards, showcasing tasks for clear allocation and oversight. Collapsible Task Cards, coupled with smart user-based grouping, make task assignment and organization a breeze. This thoughtful design respects individual schedules and priorities, ensuring your team works like a well-oiled machine, every day of the week With Trovve, drag and drop tasks to adjust start dates, reassign work, or manage task load, all in a few simple moves. Our task management tools, including quick actions and comprehensive filtering, empower you to prioritize, copy, or delete tasks effortlessly.

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