Hyperfocus on Success: Unlocking Your ADHD Project Manager Superpower with Trovve – Part 5

Welcome back to the concluding part of our series, “Hyperfocus on Success: Unlocking Your ADHD Project Manager Superpower with Trovve.” In this fifth installment, we delve deeper into how Trovve can revolutionize the work of ADHD project managers in consulting, with a specific emphasis on client management. Before we dive into this final topic, let’s take a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken so far: 

Part 1: ADHD Project Management Challenges and Trovve’s Task Management

In our series opener, we explored the distinct challenges and advantages of ADHD in project management. This part focused on the struggles with multitasking, managing an influx of information, and efficiently prioritizing tasks. Here, Trovve was introduced as a significant aid, providing structured daily planning and personalized task management specifically designed for the ADHD mindset. These tools enable a workflow that is both efficient and conducive to the needs of those with ADHD. 

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Part 2: File Management Simplification with Trovve

The second part of our series addressed the daunting task of file management, often a major challenge for ADHD project managers. Here, we introduced Trovve’s advanced File Management system, highlighting it as a transformative solution. It simplifies file management by centralizing files, making access more straightforward, and encouraging team collaboration, all while reducing the need to switch between various platforms. We also presented a success story demonstrating how Trovve fundamentally changed the way an ADHD project manager approached file management. 

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Part 3: Leveraging Trovve’s Project Management Features

In the third installment, we delved deeply into the core aspects of project management, particularly for those with ADHD. We discussed how Trovve’s comprehensive project management features could be leveraged to enhance organization and productivity. Covering a range of tools from AI-powered task management to efficient communication methods, we highlighted how these features make project management not only more manageable but also more enjoyable for individuals with ADHD. 

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Part 4: Team and Time Zone Management in Trovve

In our most recent article, we tackled the intricacies of managing diverse teams and navigating the challenges of working across multiple time zones. We emphasized Trovve’s strengths in team management and its adeptness at handling time zone differences. This part offered insights into how Trovve’s functionalities can significantly improve coordination and communication, contributing to the success of projects, especially when dealing with teams spread across the globe. 

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Let’s explore how project managers with ADHD can effectively handle client interactions. 

Mastering Client and Contact Management with ADHD

As a project manager with ADHD, your day is a vibrant mosaic of client interactions and oversight in client management. Each client adds their own expectations and needs, making your role go beyond task management to also encompass relationship building. With ADHD, you’re continuously adjusting your focus to keep a comprehensive yet intricate understanding of your client portfolio through effective client management techniques.

Juggling multiple client projects in the realm of client management means frequently shifting gears. One minute, you’re immersed in strategizing for a major client, and the next, you’re responding to an urgent request from another. This constant context-switching within client management can be both stimulating and daunting, as it requires you to strike a fine balance between being attentive and efficient.

Your journey in project management, enriched with hands-on experience, has honed your intuitive grasp of client relationships. This instinctive skill is crucial as you deal with the intricacies of each project, ensuring every client feels acknowledged and valued. 

 The Art of Efficient Client Management and Communication

Navigating client communication as a project manager with ADHD involves leveraging both the challenges and strengths of ADHD. Your ability to hyperfocus can lead to in-depth, engaging client conversations. However, the real test lies in handling extensive communication across multiple projects without getting overwhelmed by details. 

Your client management style is grounded in practicality and simplicity. You gravitate towards tools that enable streamlined yet impactful interactions. In a fast-paced and diverse work environment, you’re always seeking systems that can efficiently manage client information and communication. 

Leading a compact and dynamic team, you often take on various roles in client management. From addressing client concerns to delegating tasks and tracking all interactions, the need for a tool that can synchronize these aspects is crucial. 

Aiming for efficiency, you look for solutions that cater to the varied needs of your clients while aligning with your unique working style. A tool that can intuitively organize client information, simplify communication, and ensure thorough follow-through isn’t just preferred; it’s essential for your success. 


Mastering People and Company Management

In the consulting world, adeptly managing contacts is key to success, especially for ADHD project managers who might face unique challenges in organizing and recalling detailed information. This is where robust client management strategies come into play, ensuring that every interaction and detail is meticulously tracked and accessible. Trovve’s contact management features offer a streamlined solution to these challenges, but let’s delve into some general tips and best practices that align with these functionalities and enhance client management further.

People List Feature:  

Trovve’s People List provides an organized database of contacts, crucial for ADHD project managers who benefit from structured environments. To enhance this: 

  • Prioritize Your Contacts: In Trovve, organize your contacts into categories like leads and customers. This allows you to prioritize your communication efforts effectively. Such prioritization is recommended by Harvard Business Review as a crucial strategy in managing contacts efficiently.  
  • Use Tags Effectively: Utilize tags in Trovve to facilitate quick recall and segmentation of contacts. This method aligns with findings from organizational psychology, as noted by the American Psychological Association, which suggests that tagging improves memory and retrieval processes. 

client management

Company List Feature:

This feature streamlines the management of corporate relationships. Complement it with:  

  • Regular Review and Update: Consistently update company information in Trovve. A Forbes article emphasizes the importance of keeping client data current to significantly enhance relationship management.  
  • Link Contacts to Companies: In Trovve, ensure a clear association between individual contacts and their respective companies. This practice is a cornerstone of CRM best practices, as recommended by Salesforce. 

client management

Effective Use in a Consulting Setting

Trovve’s contact management tools are especially useful in consulting, but their effectiveness increases when combined with general best practices.  

  • Personalize Communication: Tailor your interactions based on the client’s profile and interaction history in Trovve. Personalized communication is key to enhancing client relationships, as highlighted by Inc. Magazine 
  • Maintain Consistent Follow-Ups: Use Trovve to schedule regular check-ins and updates with clients. Entrepreneur underlines the importance of consistent communication for maintaining strong client relationships. 

client management

Real-Life Application Scenarios with Tips

Scenario 1: Handling Multiple Client Management Projects

When managing several projects, use Trovve’s contact list to swiftly switch contexts while maintaining a clear overview. Enhance this with:  

  • Contextual Notes: Keep brief notes on each interaction, a tip supported by Psychology Today for better memory recall.
  • Task Association: Link tasks to specific contacts for streamlined project management, aligning with organizational strategies from Project Management Institute 
Scenario 2: Streamlining Client Follow-ups

Leverage Trovve for setting reminders and tracking interactions. Complement this with:

  • Automated Reminders: Utilize Trovve to set automated reminders for client follow-ups. This approach, endorsed by Time Management Ninja, ensures you maintain consistent communication with your clients. Automating these reminders takes the burden off your memory, allowing you to focus on the content of the interactions rather than the timing.
  • Review Interaction History: Make it a habit to review the history of your interactions with a client in Trovve before meetings. This practice, recommended by MindTools, helps with better preparation for client meetings. By being aware of previous discussions, you can tailor your communication to address any ongoing concerns or follow up on pending matters effectively. 
Scenario 3: Adapting to Client Needs

Quickly adapt to changes using Trovve’s detailed contact profiles. Enhance this approach with:

  • Agile Response Planning: In Trovve, keep detailed contact profiles that include not only basic information but also notes on client preferences and past interactions. This comprehensive view supports agile response planning, a strategy McKinsey & Company advocates for swiftly adapting to changing client needs. With this information at your fingertips, you can quickly modify your approach or strategy in response to new developments or feedback from clients.   
  • Feedback Integration: Regularly seek and incorporate client feedback, using Trovve to record and track these insights. HubSpot emphasizes the importance of a client-centered approach, and by integrating feedback directly into your management strategy, you can ensure that your services are continuously aligned with client management expectations and evolving needs. 

In conclusion, while Trovve’s features provide a robust framework for contact management, integrating these general tips and practices can elevate your efficiency and effectiveness as a project manager with ADHD in the consulting industry. 


Seamless Integration with Daily Tasks

Trovve’s capability to automatically incorporate meeting attendees into your contact list and transform emails into tasks is a meaningful change. This reduces manual entry and enhances organization, a crucial aspect for project managers with ADHD who may find organization and time management challenging. 

  • Automated Meeting and Email Integration: Trovve automatically adds meeting attendees to your contact list and allows for the conversion of emails into tasks. This integration means less manual entry and more efficient organization.
  • Contextual Task Management: The ability to link tasks directly to relevant contacts in Trovve ensures each task is contextualized, easing the cognitive burden of recalling specific details. 

Enhancing Productivity for Project Managers with ADHD

For ADHD project managers, maintaining focus and efficiency amidst a flurry of meetings and emails can be challenging. Here are strategies to leverage Trovve’s features for improved productivity:  

  • Utilize Automated Features for Task Creation: For ADHD individuals, tracking and remembering details can be a hurdle. Trovve’s feature of converting emails into tasks and automatically updating contact lists helps ensure important follow-ups aren’t missed. According to ADDitude Magazine, automated reminders are particularly beneficial for those with ADHD. 
  • Prioritize and Organize Tasks Post-Meetings: After meetings, immediately categorize and prioritize tasks in Trovve. Psychology Today supports this approach, noting the importance of prompt organization in maintaining focus and clarity, especially for ADHD individuals. 
  • Streamline Email Management: Convert important emails into tasks within Trovve to keep your inbox uncluttered and ensure no critical communication is missed. Harvard Business Review underlines effective email management as key to productivity. 
  • Customize Notifications: Personalizing notifications to avoid information overload can be advantageous for individuals with ADHD. Trovve allows you to adjust notification settings to alert you only for the most essential tasks and emails, aligning with recommendations from CHADD. 

By leveraging these features in Trovve, ADHD project managers can effectively streamline their communication, ensuring they remain on top of meetings and emails without becoming overwhelmed. This approach promotes a more organized and efficient handling of daily tasks, significantly enhancing productivity. 


Connecting Contacts with Projects

In project management, particularly for project managers with ADHD, seamlessly integrating contacts with projects is vital. Trovve’s ability to link contacts directly to projects is an essential feature that supports comprehensive management. 

The Importance of This Integration 

  • Comprehensive Context: Linking contacts to specific projects offers a complete overview of everyone involved and their roles. This is especially beneficial for project managers with ADHD, as it provides much-needed contextual clarity. 
  • Streamlined Communication: This feature makes it easier to communicate with the right people directly from the project interface, enhancing efficiency. 
  • Enhanced Organization: Centralizing all project-related interactions and tasks aids in managing typical ADHD challenges like forgetfulness or disorganization. 

Practical Tips for Efficient Client Management

To optimally utilize Trovve’s contact-project integration, ADHD project managers can adopt the following strategies: 

  • Regularly Update Contact-Project Links: Ensure that the links between contacts and projects are current. This is crucial as roles and responsibilities might change as projects progress. The American Psychological Association highlights the importance of updated information for aiding cognitive processing, particularly for individuals with ADHD. 
  • Use Project-Based Communication Channels: Set up direct communication channels within each project in Trovve, associating contacts with specific tasks or milestones. Harvard Business Review emphasizes the effectiveness of project-based communication in boosting collaboration. 
  • Prioritize Tasks Based on Contact Involvement: Focus on tasks involving key contacts. CHADD recommends prioritization as a vital skill for ADHD management in the workplace. 
  • Visualize the Contact-Project Map: If possible, visually map out connections between contacts and various project elements in Trovve. Visual aids are often helpful for ADHD individuals, aiding focus and understanding of complex information, as suggested by ADDitude Magazine. 
  • Set Reminders for Regular Reviews: Schedule consistent reviews of contact-project associations to ensure no critical interaction or task is overlooked. Regular reviews, as advocated by Psychology Today, are beneficial for ADHD individuals to stay abreast of changing project dynamics. 

By implementing these tactics within Trovve, ADHD project managers can fully leverage the advantages of integrating contacts with projects, enhancing client management. This comprehensive approach simplifies project management while catering to the unique requirements of ADHD in a professional context, ensuring that every client interaction is effectively monitored and managed.

Addressing ADHD-Specific Challenges

Project managers with ADHD often face unique work-related challenges, such as maintaining focus amidst distractions, organizing a multitude of tasks, and managing time efficiently. Trovve’s contact management, meeting, and email features are designed to mitigate these challenges. 

Enhancing Focus and Organization 

  • Consolidated Contact Management: Trovve’s centralized system for contact management reduces the cognitive load associated with tracking numerous clients and stakeholders. This is particularly beneficial for ADHD individuals who need a single, organized point of reference. ADDitude Magazine recommends simplifying organizational systems to improve focus.   
  • Streamlined Meeting and Email Integration: Trovve’s automatic integration of meetings and emails into the task management system minimizes the need to switch between platforms, helping ADHD project managers maintain focus. Psychology Today highlights the importance of such integrations for individuals with ADHD.   

Managing Time and Priorities 

  • Task Prioritization: Trovve allows for prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance. Effective prioritization is essential for ADHD project managers to manage their time efficiently. CHADD emphasizes prioritization as a crucial skill in ADHD management. 

Customization and Adaptation

To make Trovve more effective for ADHD project managers, personalizing its features is key: 

  • Personalize Notifications: Adjusting notification settings to reduce overwhelm is beneficial for ADHD individuals, focusing alerts only on critical tasks or messages. This is in line with recommendations from ADDitude Magazine. 
  • Customize Task Views: Choose a task management format (list, calendar, or Kanban) that best suits your working style. Harvard Business Review suggests that customized workspaces boost productivity and comfort. 
  • Leverage Filters for Contact Management: Organize contacts using filters that align with your projects and work style, enhancing quick access to relevant information. Fast Company supports the use of customized filters for increased efficiency. 
  • Integrate Personalized Reminders: Set up reminders in a way that caters to your specific needs. Whether it’s for follow-ups, deadlines, or preparation time before meetings, personalized reminders can be a powerful tool for ADHD project managers, as stated by MindTools. 

 By leveraging Trovve’s features and tailoring the tool to individual needs, ADHD project managers can significantly improve their efficiency, organization, and overall project management success. 


As we’ve explored throughout this series, Trovve offers a suite of features that uniquely cater to the needs of ADHD project managers in the consulting industry. Let’s recap the main points and benefits: 

  • Centralized Contact Management: Trovve’s all-encompassing contact management system offers a structured and unified platform. This is particularly beneficial for ADHD individuals who need organization and clarity to perform effectively. 
  • Streamlined Meetings and Emails: Integrating meetings and emails into a unified task management system minimizes the need to switch between platforms. This is a significant advantage for ADHD individuals, helping them maintain focus and enhance efficiency. 
  • Project Management Integration: Trovve’s capability to link contacts with projects provides a comprehensive view of project interactions and responsibilities. This feature is vital for ADHD project managers, offering the contextual clarity required for efficient task management. 
  • Customization for Individual Needs: The flexibility to personalize Trovve, from notifications to task views, allows ADHD project managers to tailor the tool to their specific work style and requirements, creating a more conducive work environment. 
  • Enhanced Focus and Time Management: Trovve’s functionalities, such as task prioritization and effective communication channels, directly tackle ADHD-related challenges like maintaining focus and efficiently managing time. 

 Looking Ahead

As we continue exploring Trovve, several innovative features are set to revolutionize project management for those with ADHD in the consulting industry. Here’s a preview of what’s in store: 

AI-Driven Project Status Summaries

Trovve is incorporating AI to create automatic project status summaries, tailored for both internal and external stakeholders. This will be a major asset for project managers with ADHD, providing a quick, efficient way to relay important project updates without the hassle of manually compiling reports. 

Automated Project Risk Analysis

An upcoming AI-driven feature in Trovve will proactively analyze project risks. This will allow ADHD project managers to foresee and address potential issues early on, enhancing the smooth progression of projects. 

Smart Suggestions for Tags, Projects, and People

Trovve’s future version will intelligently suggest tags, projects, and people relevant to specific tasks. This will aid ADHD project managers in efficiently organizing tasks by associating them with appropriate resources and categories.  

Task Generation from Text

The new Trovve will be able to transform meeting notes or email content into actionable tasks with just a click. This time-saving feature ensures that crucial action items are captured and addressed, addressing a common challenge for individuals with ADHD. 

Insights into At-Risk Tasks

Another innovative feature will provide insights into tasks at risk due to factors like team member absence or holidays. This foresight will help ADHD project managers plan, reassign tasks as necessary, and avoid last-minute hurdles. 

These advancements in Trovve are specifically tailored to improve the efficiency of ADHD project managers, addressing their unique needs and challenges. Stay tuned for our future articles, where we will delve into these features in more detail, providing strategies and tips to fully leverage Trovve’s potential in ADHD-friendly project management. 


Try Trovve

Experience the benefits of Trovve in your project management journey and see how it caters to ADHD-specific needs. Join us, try Trovve, and share your feedback to shape the future of this innovative tool! 

Additional Resources

For further development and support in your project management journey, particularly tailored for ADHD, here are some valuable resources including Trovve:

Websites and Blogs
  • ADDitude Magazine: Offers strategies and support for ADHD, providing a wealth of information for personal and professional growth. Visit ADDitude Magazine.
  • CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): A leading resource for information and support for individuals with ADHD, including workplace strategies. Explore CHADD. 
Tools and Apps
  • Trovve: Specifically designed for ADHD project managers, Trovve helps in efficiently managing contacts, tasks, and projects. Discover Trovve 
  • Asana: An effective tool for organizing tasks and projects, facilitating better project management. Try Asana 
  • Trello: Ideal for visual task management, Trello is user-friendly and helps in keeping projects organized. Check out Trello. 
  • “Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive” by Edward M. Hallowell – A helpful read for understanding and managing ADHD in the workplace.  
  • “The ADHD Advantage: What You Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength” by Dale Archer – Explores the strengths and advantages of ADHD in professional environments.  
Online Courses
  • “Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed” on Udemy: This course is particularly useful for ADHD individuals looking to improve their time management skills. Enroll in the course 
  • “Managing ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Cognitive Differences in the Workplace” on LinkedIn Learning: Provides valuable strategies for coping with ADHD in professional settings. Access the course. 

 These resources, including Trovve, provide a comprehensive approach to enhancing your skills and strategies as an ADHD project manager. They offer practical advice, tools, and insights to help you navigate your professional journey more effectively. 

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