Drowning in files? Let us be your lifesaver for easy, organized file management!

Where every file feels at home – Organize, access, and manage your team’s content effortlessly, all in one place.

Enjoy the added advantage of storing your files in OneDrive and SharePoint, and seamlessly managing them through a Microsoft 365 integrated – Trovve.

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Where “Where’s that file?”
becomes “Ah, here it is!

Ever feel like you’re playing hide and seek with your files? With Trovve’s Team Drive, it’s more like everything-in-its-place.

Custom Categories act as your file organizers, neatly aligning everything from brand assets to SOPs. Control who sees what with easy-to-adjust Visibility Settings. Total control, zero headache.

Mixing up content types? We handle that. Web links, OneDrive gems, SharePoint stuff – all neatly tucked in where you want them. And our slick SharePoint Integration? That’s your shortcut to creating and connecting without jumping through hoops.

But wait, there’s more – Category Management is a breeze with our drag-and-drop magic. You can easily move your items between categories, sort them alphabetically, or rearrange categories themselves. Keep your files in line, just the way you like it.

Make workflow woes a thing of the past with Trovve!

In Trovve, your files don’t just sit pretty; it turns your file management into a productivity powerhouse!

With ‘Personal Shortcuts’, jump straight to the files you need from anywhere in Trovve. Turn file items into ‘to-dos’ effortlessly with our ‘Add to My Day’ feature, linking all the dots for you. And hey, adding file items to tasks or projects? Just a click away – no more juggling!

Rename, upload, or shuffle files without ever leaving Trovve – goodbye, tab-hopping headaches! Plus, our ‘Recent Files View’ keeps your latest work handy, and ‘My Files’ gives you a private corner for personal OneDrive goodies. Work smarter, not harder, with Trovve!

Let’s say goodbye to content chaos!

With Trovve, you’re the maestro of your content orchestra. Need someone to sort, arrange, or add fresh content? You’ve got the power to delegate just that.

Our Enhanced Search uses keywords to swiftly guide you to the right files, folders, and links. It’s like having a searchlight in a dark room.

And for the cherry on top: our Sorting and filter Options. Organize your content by type and category, making access a smooth ride. No more sifting through digital clutter – just streamlined, effortless access.

Ready to revolutionize your file
management? Trovve awaits!

With Trovve’s all-in-one file management system, organizing and accessing your team’s content has never been easier! Say hello to a world where everything is just a click away, while keeping your files securely stored in your Microsoft 365 environment.

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