Hyperfocus on Success: Unlocking Your ADHD Project Manager Superpower with Trovve- Part 3 

Welcome to the latest part of our series “Hyperfocus on Success.” Here, we’re diving into what it’s like to be a project manager with ADHD. We’ll explore how Trovve, a smart AI tool, can help you on this path. In this third part, we’ll look at how to handle project management when you have ADHD, offering useful tips and ideas to help you succeed.

 Part 1: Balancing Challenges and Strengths
In the first part of “
Hyperfocus on Success: Unlocking Your ADHD Project Manager Superpower with Trovve – Part 1,” we looked at the mix of challenges and strengths that come with managing projects when you have ADHD. We saw how ADHD can be both a hurdle and some help. Key challenges include handling many tasks at once, dealing with too much information, organizing tasks, and forming client relationships. We focused on using teamwork, improving communication, and adjusting to different work environments. A major point was how Trovve, a planning and task management tool, can be customized for daily organization, managing alerts effectively, and increasing productivity. We also suggested resources like CHADD and ADDA for more support and information on ADHD. 

Part 2: Streamlining File Management with Trovve
In the second part of “
Hyperfocus on Success: Unlocking Your ADHD Project Manager Superpower with Trovve – Part 2,”  we turned our attention to managing files effectively. We introduced Trovve’s File Management system, designed especially for project managers with ADHD. This system brings all your files together in one place, making them easy to find and share with others. Trovve makes admin tasks simpler and works well with other platforms like OneDrive, cutting down the need to switch between different programs. We shared the story of Jake, a project manager with ADHD, who found that Trovve transformed his work. With Trovve, he could easily find documents, manage projects more effectively, and use features like the ‘Recent’ tab and advanced search to work more efficiently. The key takeaway was how Trovve’s File Management system can make project management smoother and more productive for those with ADHD. 

Trovve’s Project Management Features: A Closer Look
In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the project management features of Trovve. It’s not just about the software itself, but how you can incorporate these tools into your everyday project management routine, specifically if you have ADHD. We’ll explore how these features can make your workflow smoother, improve organization, and increase your productivity. 


Project creation is the first step in successful project management, and it’s especially important for managers with ADHD. Trovve’s features offer both structure and flexibility, tailored to meet the unique needs of ADHD project managers. In this section, we’ll discuss the significance of these tools and how to use them effectively. 

Project Management

Choosing Effective Project Names for Efficient Project Management

  • Why It’s Important: For ADHD project managers, who may have issues with memory and attention to detail, clear and descriptive project names help in quickly recognizing and organizing projects mentally.  
  • Tip: Create names that include the main goal or client name for easy remembering. Structured naming systems have been shown to lessen mental strain, which is crucial for individuals with ADHD.  
  • Example: Use specific names like “XYZ Corp Website Redesign – Q1 2024” instead of general ones like “Website Redesign.”  

Set Clear Start/End Dates

  • Why It’s Important: Deadlines help ADHD individuals stay focused, but too much pressure can be counterproductive. Setting clear start and end dates helps in planning the work pace.  
  • Tip: Divide the project into smaller steps. This method, often suggested for managing ADHD, keeps the momentum going and provides a sense of accomplishment regularly.  
  • Research Insight: Splitting tasks into smaller parts has been found to help ADHD individuals manage time better and reduce stress from large projects. 

  Manage Privacy Settings 

  • Why It’s Important: ADHD project managers might accidentally share sensitive information while handling many ideas. Trovve’s privacy settings help control who sees what, ensuring confidentiality.  
  • Tip: Consistently check and adjust your project’s privacy settings, especially when there are team changes or shifts in project scope.  
  • External Resource: Follow privacy management guidelines from organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI) to safeguard your project’s information. 

Assign Team Members

  • Why It’s Important: ADHD project managers may find it hard to delegate tasks. Setting clear roles within projects assists in evenly distributing the workload.  
  • Tip: Use Trovve to assign tasks based on each team member’s strengths. Leveraging the varied abilities of your team leads to more efficient project completion.  
  • Expert Opinion: Leadership coaches stress the value of effective delegation in project management, marking it as a crucial skill for managers, particularly those with ADHD. 

Trovve’s AI-driven task management is a major advantage for project managers, especially if they have ADHD. It helps in organizing and prioritizing tasks with features like smart task recommendations and automated to-do lists, which are essential for ADHD management. 

Project Management
Task Suggestions

  • Why They Matter for ADHD Project Managers: ADHD can make it hard to prioritize tasks or notice important details. AI-generated task suggestions offer structured guidance and focus on essential tasks.  
  • Tip for Optimal Use: Frequently check the AI-suggested tasks and include them in your daily or weekly plans. This way, you stay ahead of important tasks and deadlines.  
  • Additional Strategies: Combine these suggestions with methods like the Pomodoro Technique or time blocking, which have been effective for ADHD individuals in staying focused and managing time.  
  • Research Insight: Studies show that external aids, like AI-generated task lists, are extremely helpful for people with ADHD in staying organized and reducing the mental effort needed for planning and prioritizing. 

Checklist Generation

Project Management

  • Consistency and Thoroughness: Keeping a consistent approach to tasks can be tough for ADHD project managers. Auto-generated checklists for regular tasks make sure you don’t miss anything and complete every part of the project thoroughly.  
  • Customization and Learning: Use Trovve’s AI to make checklists that can evolve. After finishing projects, update your checklists based on your experiences, leading to a workflow that’s more tailored and efficient. 
  • Integrating Best Practices: Enhance these checklists with standard industry practices. For example, in software development, include Agile or Scrum methods in your checklists for better project management. 
  • Expert Viewpoint: Productivity experts emphasize the value of checklists in project management, especially for ADHD managers, as they offer a clear guide for task completion and lessen the chance of forgetting steps. 

Having streamlined communication is essential in project management, particularly for ADHD managers who might struggle with keeping communication consistent. Trovve helps with this through its advanced feature that connects tasks to relevant contacts, making it easy to communicate directly and follow up with just one click, thus enhancing the management of project communications. 

One-Click Contact Actions in Trovve 


  • Direct Email Integration with Outlook: Trovve links directly with Outlook, allowing ADHD project managers to send an email to a project contact with just one click. This smooth integration is beneficial for those with ADHD, as it reduces the steps in a process, lowering the chance of distraction or feeling overwhelmed.
  • Strategy: Use this to keep all project communications in one place. This helps keep a neat and organized record of all emails. 
  • Tip: Customize your email templates in Outlook for different types of project communications. This saves time and ensures consistency in your messaging. 
  • Setting Follow-ups Easily: Trovve’s ability to set follow-ups within its interface makes managing ongoing communications much simpler. This is key for ADHD project managers, who often need regular reminders and a structured system for follow-ups to keep track of communications. 
  • Technique: Regularly check your follow-ups in Trovve. Set aside a specific time each day or week to review and update your follow-up actions. 
  • Best Practice: Combine Trovve’s follow-up feature with a personal organization tool, like a digital planner or calendar, to strengthen the habit of consistent check-ins and updates. 

Leveraging Trovve for Enhanced Communication Management

  • Centralized Communication Hub: Trovve allows you to link contacts to specific projects and tasks, turning it into a one-stop hub for all your project communication. This is especially useful for ADHD project managers, as it reduces the mental effort of using multiple apps and tools.  
  • Approach: Make sure to keep your Trovve contacts in sync with your email and other communication platforms to keep everything current. 
  • Resource Utilization: Take advantage of ADHD-friendly tools and resources that offer tips on managing digital communication efficiently. Incorporate these practices into your use of Trovve. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: Having contact actions integrated within Trovve helps create a smoother workflow. For ADHD project managers, this can mean better focus, less stress about communication tasks, and a more organized way of handling project management. 
  • Application: Set up a Trovve workflow that includes immediate actions like sending emails or scheduling follow-ups right after a project meeting or when updating a task. 
  • Continuous Improvement: As you work with Trovve, observe which features and processes work best for you and keep tweaking your methods to fit your needs in managing ADHD. 

For project managers with ADHD, keeping files and documents organized can be tough, with clutter and disorganization easily becoming overwhelming. Trovve’s file storage features offer a way to simplify organizing and accessing files, which is key to staying focused and efficient in project management. 


Choosing Default Storage Locations 

  • Easy Access with OneDrive and SharePoint: Easy Access with OneDrive and SharePoint: Trovve lets you choose from popular storage options like OneDrive or SharePoint, integrating secure and accessible file storage into your project management. This is especially helpful for ADHD project managers, as it puts all your files in one place, reducing the need to switch between different platforms. 
  • Strategy for Best Use: At the start of each project, decide where you’ll store files. Keeping your files in the same place can save you a lot of time searching for documents. 
  • Tip: Use the security settings of your storage platform, like access permissions, to control who can see sensitive project files. This is important for keeping your project information private. 
  •  Project-Specific Folders for Better Organization: Making separate folders for each project in your storage platform helps keep files tidy and easy to identify. This is crucial for ADHD project management, where order is important for maintaining attention and focus. 
  • Best Practice: Use a consistent way of naming your folders and files. This could involve the project name, stage, or type of document, making it quicker to find what you need. 
  • Additional Technique: Regularly go through your project folders, archiving or deleting files you don’t need anymore. This not only keeps your current project neat but also simplifies file management overall. 

Enhancing File Management with Trovve 

  • Streamlined File Access and Management: Trovve’s integration with storage platforms allows you to easily access your files right within the project management tool. This is particularly beneficial for ADHD project managers as it cuts down the time spent switching between systems, allowing more focus on the current task. 
  • Implementation: Get into the habit of linking important documents to specific tasks or stages in Trovve. This ensures all the info you need is easily accessible when you need it. 
  • Additional Resource: Consider using ADHD-friendly file management methods, like color-coding files or using visual markers, to further improve organization. 
  • Customization for ADHD Needs: Trovve’s flexible file storage can be customized to meet your specific needs related to ADHD. Whether it’s making files easier to access or organizing them in a way that suits you best, Trovve’s capabilities can be tailored for a file management system that works for you.  
  • Personalized Approach: Try different ways of organizing files to see what fits you best. This could mean sorting files by client, project phase, or document type. 
  • Continual Adaptation: As you work on various projects, observe which file management methods are most effective and modify your strategy accordingly. 

Effective project management requires a combination of strategic planning and efficient organization. For project managers with ADHD, tools that simplify navigation and enhance organization are invaluable. Trovve’s features for effortless project management are designed to cater to these needs, making the process smoother and more intuitive. 

Project Management

Effortless Navigation and Organization for Project Management

Keyword Search and Filtering: 

  • Streamlining Project Searches: Simplifying Project Searches: Trovve’s keyword search and filtering functions make it easy to find specific projects. This is especially helpful for ADHD project managers who might struggle with remembering details or feel overwhelmed by too much information.  
  • Tips for Efficient Use: Keep your project keywords up-to-date and use clear, descriptive terms. This makes it simpler to filter and locate projects, particularly when handling multiple projects simultaneously. 
  • Complementary Strategy: Use Trovve’s search features along with personal organization methods, like maintaining a project index or a summary document, for faster access to the information you need. 

Glance-View Summaries and Prioritization: 

  • Quick Access to Key Information: Trovve’s project list cards show key details at a glance, such as progress and deadlines. For ADHD project managers, this quick summary helps in assessing the status of a project without getting lost in the details. 
  • Prioritization Benefits: Seeing which projects need immediate attention at a glance helps manage your workload and reduce the stress of making decisions. 
  • Best Practice: Frequently review your project list cards to monitor progress and adjust priorities, as necessary. This ensures a flexible and proactive approach to managing your projects. 

Prioritize and Organize Projects 

Pin, Copy, Mark, and Delete Projects: 

  • Maintaining Focus with Pinning: Pinning important projects keeps them visible at the top of your workspace. This is particularly helpful for ADHD project managers to stay focused on high-priority tasks. 
  • Efficiency with Copying Projects: Use existing templates or structures to create new projects. This approach saves time and ensures consistency across projects, reducing the mental effort of starting anew. 
  • Managing Clutter with Marking Projects Inactive: Marking projects as inactive clears your workspace, allowing you to focus on current tasks without unnecessary distractions. 
  • Keeping a Tidy Workspace by Deleting Projects: Removing projects that are no longer relevant helps in keeping your workspace uncluttered, which is essential for ADHD project managers who thrive in simpler work environments. 
  • Organizational Strategy: Use these features to create a workflow that suits your style. For instance, start each week by pinning the week’s priorities, marking completed projects as inactive, and deleting any redundant projects. 

Real-life Scenario Analysis 

Scenario: Consider Sarah, a project manager at a mid-sized consulting firm. She handles multiple client projects at once, each with different scopes and deadlines. Sarah often finds it hard to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and communicate effectively with her team, which are common issues for individuals with ADHD. 

How Trovve Helps Sarah: 

  • Project Creation: Sarah uses Trovve for each client project, selecting clear, descriptive names and establishing definite timelines. This helps her manage several projects without mixing them up. 
  • Task Management: Sarah takes advantage of Trovve’s AI-generated task recommendations to outline essential steps for each project. She also uses the checklist feature to make sure she doesn’t miss any critical details. 
  • File Management: Sarah arranges project files in specific folders in her cloud storage using Trovve. This makes it easy for her and her team to find the right documents when needed. 
  • Communication: She connects project tasks to relevant contacts in Trovve and sets up reminders for follow-ups. This ensures smooth communication with her team and clients. 
  • Monitoring and Progress Tracking: Sarah uses the overview tab in Trovve to monitor each project’s progress. The calendar and people view in the tool help her allocate resources effectively. 

Tips and Best Practices 

Effective Project Setup: 

  • Continually revise project details in Trovve as things change or added information comes in. 
  • Use clear and consistent names for projects and files. 

Streamlined Task Management: 

  • Blend AI suggestions with your project understanding to create a thorough task list. 
  • Regularly update tasks to reflect the progress of the project. 

Organized File Storage: 

  • Maintain a clean digital workspace by routinely archiving completed project files. 
  • Utilize Trovve’s file management system to link relevant documents directly to tasks or projects. 

Enhanced Communication: 

  • Fully utilize Trovve’s contact linking to align all communications with the respective tasks. 
  • Set specific times for checking and responding to communications for each project. 

Proactive Overview and Tracking: 

  • Use the overview tab for a quick check on project status and to pinpoint areas that need more focus. 
  • Apply visual tracking tools to manage workloads and keep track of deadlines. 

 By using these methods and Trovve’s features, consulting professionals like Sarah can effectively handle their projects, overcoming typical ADHD challenges. These techniques not only boost productivity but also lead to a more organized and less stressful approach to project management. 

As we conclude our journey through ADHD project management using Trovve, let’s recap the key lessons learned and give a sneak peek into what we’ll explore in our upcoming articles. 

Summarizing Key Takeaways 

  • Starting Strong with Trovve’s Project Creation: We learned that setting up projects effectively with Trovve provides a solid base, particularly important for ADHD project managers who need clarity and organization from the outset. 
  • AI-Powered Task Management: Trovve’s AI features, including task recommendations and automated checklists, stand out as vital tools for keeping focus and ensuring no important tasks are overlooked. 
  • Simplifying Communication and File Management: Trovve’s integration of easy-to-use communication tools and efficient file storage makes these complex parts of project management more manageable, which is a big plus for those with ADHD. 
  • Visual Progress Monitoring and Real-World Examples: Using Trovve’s visual tracking tools and learning from real-life examples, like our case study, shows how to effectively use these features to tackle common ADHD challenges in project management, highlighting the importance of efficiency and ease of organization. 

 Looking Ahead 

Our exploration of ADHD-friendly project management is far from over. In the next parts of our series, we’re venturing into exciting new areas, filled with additional insights and techniques: 

  • Part 4 – Mastering Team Management: We’ll delve into the complexities of managing a team. Expect to learn how to lead, motivate, and organize your team effectively, focusing on the specific challenges ADHD project managers face in handling team dynamics. 
  • Part 5 – Mastering Client Communications: Discover the keys to successful client communication. We’ll offer practical tips and tools for handling client interactions, ensuring your communication is clear, concise, and impactful – a vital element in successful project management.

Each upcoming article is designed to further empower ADHD project managers, giving you the skills and tools needed to thrive in your role. Look forward to more hands-on advice, innovative approaches, and real-world examples that will revolutionize how you manage projects, engage with your team, and communicate with clients. Join us as we continue our journey through the dynamic landscape of project management with ADHD, transforming obstacles into steppingstones for success. 

Your path to mastering ADHD-friendly project management is a continuous journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. If you’re curious about what Trovve can do and how it can redefine your approach to project management, we invite you to schedule a demo. See for yourself how Trovve can streamline your processes and boost your productivity. 

For any questions, insights, or feedback, or to share your own experiences, please feel free to reach out. Your input is invaluable in fostering a community of learning and support. Contact me directly at – I’m here to assist and engage with you. 

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Additional Resources

To further support your journey in ADHD-friendly project management and enhance your understanding and skills, here’s a selection of resources, including insightful blogs, community support, and educational materials. These will complement the strategies and tools discussed in our series, providing you with a broader perspective and deeper insight into effective project management. 

Comprehensive Project Management Insights 

  • Trovve Blog: Discover a wealth of information on project management, ADHD-friendly strategies, and the latest updates on using Trovve effectively. Visit Trovve Blog 

ADHD-Focused Productivity Resources 

  • CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): A leading resource on ADHD, offering extensive information, tips, and support systems. Visit CHADD 
  • ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association): Focuses on the adult ADHD community, providing valuable resources and networking opportunities. Explore ADDA 
  • Offers a range of resources for understanding and managing ADHD in both professional and personal settings. 

Books on ADHD and Effective Management 

  • “Driven to Distraction” by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey: A seminal book offering deep insights into living and working with ADHD. Find on Amazon 
  • “ADHD 2.0” by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey: Discusses new findings and approaches to ADHD management. Find on Amazon 

Online Courses and Professional Development 

  • Coursera – Project Management Principles and Practices: A comprehensive course for foundational project management skills. Coursera 
  • Udemy – Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed: A course focused on enhancing productivity and time management, particularly beneficial for those with ADHD. Udemy 

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